Esosa Nwajagu is a trained Engineer turned Educator.

She has a passion for educating and transforming children and teens. To adequately see to her passion, she obtained a Montessori diploma and a post-graduate certificate in Education. She`s presently working on her master’s degree in Child Psychology. In addition, she`s bagged lots of training and has certifications in various child-centered Edu-related areas like Understanding the basics of ADHD syndrome, Mathematical thinking, Child psychology, Leadership.

She`s got a knack for digital skills and has acquired a number of them; She`s a thorough Ed-tech enthusiast.

Pastor Esosa as she is fondly called, is a serving pastor with The Distinguished Church International. Serving as a pastor and a believer makes it so easy for her to tailor the school in the ways of Christ, a disciplinarian to the core that believes that The Lush Academy is a light to her generation.

She is the premier Math Coach of the School who loves to teach till date. She is currently building a Math App that will empower learners and boost their love for the subject.

A prolific writer -She writes a variety of genres: Math Papers, Poetry, Inspiration, Short stories, Bible-based literature, blogger, and lots more.

She publishes an audio e-devotional ‘SOSKI’.

She is the president of Knee MARK International Under whose auspices she reaches out to TEENS & MUMS!

Having been in the education sector now for a little short five years now, she is more than hopeful that there`s a lot in the offing as she is extremely passionate about birthing a new day in EDUCATION!

She`s joyfully married to her love- Lambert Nwajagu with who`s help she founded the school on the 14th of September 2015 and they are blessed with 3 terrific geniuses`!


The Lush Academy is the brainchild of Lambert and Esosa Nwajagu-both trained engineers, established on the 14th of September 2015.

After having to home school my older boys for a term, while pregnant with my 3rd child, it became obvious that I wouldn`t compromise the miles I had successfully conquered in their academics.

Executive director