The Lush Academy

The Lush Academy is an organization that renders educational services which include: Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring, Counseling, Consulting.


The Lush Academy is the brainchild of Lambert and Esosa Nwajagu-both trained engineers, established on the 14th of September 2015.

We`re Lush! We are the best! No one can do a good job without an enabling environment. The environment could be physical or structural. Some of the elements of our success include:

Warm learning environment

It`s becoming obvious that a lot of children these days are from troubled waters. With lots of dysfunctional homes everywhere, we ensure we provide an atmosphere of lots of love and warmth so our learners can thrive. It’s no wonder our learners always wish they were allowed to be in school on the weekends.

The learning environment though highly engaging strikes the balance to produce emotionally and academically sound kids.

Life Coaching

One of the skill set that makes it so easy for us to handle our teens, is the fact that apart from being educators and children handlers we are trained in the basics of Child Psychology.

This way, we can help children and teens go through their challenges from the home front to school.

Subject Instructors

In the old school structure, it is customary to have the class or generalized teachers who`ll teach all subject areas in primary school. The downside of that is that, if kids were unfortunate to have a class teacher who was art-inclined training, the kids will obviously be impoverished in the sciences for a year or more. But in designing our school program, we decided that from the first year of primary school, specialized teachers should get the job done in their area of strength. This way, we have produced more confident kids over the years after being taught professionals.

Play & Sports

We have a functional play policy that ensures our learners are exposed to outdoor structured as well as free play to enhance life skills. Sporting activities like football, basketball, table tennis, swimming are all incorporated into our schedule and a lot more others are in the offing.

Reading Program

Bearing in mind that there’ll always be children who`ll have to be admitted in their age-appropriate class but could lack the basic skills like reading, We have carefully designed a reading program that would see to any child no matter how old, even if he or she couldn`t read alphabets would be taught basic reading in a fortnight.

100% Responsibility

“No school does that, the Lush is purely like none other. Schools pass the bulk but The Lush Academy accepts full responsibility” –Mr. Peter .O.(A parent)

Yes, that`s The Lush Academy, Ceteris Paribus, we assume responsibility! If the child has an unusually slow pace, we will work with the home. Restructure home culture if we diagnose there`s a lag from there and we will keep probing and bringing solutions just as long as the home co-operates with us.

Why Choose us

  1. We are poised about exceptional delivery.
  2. Dynamic and unconventional in all our ways.
  3. We leave no stone unturned in our dealings.
  4. We are totally excellence driven.
  5. Unlike the majority of schools, we take full responsibility for kid’s outcomes.
  6. We have formulated policies that are highly beneficial to the learner and parent(s)
  7. We are a highly emotionally intelligent organization.
  8. We uphold Jesus’ principle of going for the ‘lost’ –kids that are left behind. Knowing the ‘99’ are safe.

Our Lush Song – (I-can-do mindset)

Two years into our school’s existence, we carried out an ‘I-can-do’ campaign to boost the confidence of our learners. That campaign has become ingrained subconsciously in The Lush School Community. Every day we sing our I can-do-Song:

I can do all things
Don’t talk me down                    2ce
I’m the best
I’m a genius
At the Lush, we believe
We can do all things
I  may not go at your pace
But be sure
I can do all things
Be patient I’m a genius!


Our School Policies