The Lush Academy


In Preschool, we deploy the Montessori methodology. All the aspects of Montessori philosophy are incorporated-art, music and movement, dance, gymnastics, and outdoor play.

The Montessori curriculum areas are well explored too:

  • Practical life exercises      
  • Sensorial education
  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Cultural areas

Preschool years are full of fun and color; and The Lush Academy Preschool is the place to enhance the beauty of this phase of their lives.

Our overall curriculum is a blend of several other up-to-date curricula to ensure we have well-rounded learners with a high sense of independence and primary school readiness.


As early as Pre-grade 1- which is our first year in primary school, our learners are exposed to subject teachers as opposed to class or generalized teachers like is found in their counterpart colleague`s Schools. Subject teachers avail our learners the opportunity to interact with subject specialists hence making them academically better while ensuring the class-teacher flare isn`t missing as all classes are assigned to one or two as the case may be.

With a curriculum that`s a blend of the Nigerian and British, using Finnish methodology, our Primary(junior) School is broad-based with core subjects in STEAM(Science Technology Engineering Arts & Mathematics). Our school is an e-school and our students at this level can`t get enough of flipped and virtual learning experiences. Our assessments are objective and periodical. These assessments are centered on our learner’s overall progress and not only academic.

  Specially designed Subjects we take at the primary/junior level include the following but aren`t limited to these:

  • Mental & Math drills
  • Creative writing
  • Word Bout
  • Basic leadership
  • Etiquette
  • Coding
  • Graphics design
  • Piano play

These specialist areas ensure our learners are distinguished and ready for life.

High (Secondary) School (Jss-1 to Jss3)

the time our pupils have graduated from primary school, they are expected to have attained the research stage of learning. The STEAM areas remain our core because basically, in the Nigerian curriculum, basic education terminates year 9(JSS3).

At our High School, our flipped learning and virtual learning are already fully engaged and our children have been launched to research and project-based learning. We expect a high level of independence from them.

Our learning environment is now on auto-pilot, highly active, and engaging.

Bearing in mind that we have pre-teens and early teenagers at this level, deliberate efforts at life coaching is made available to them to answer questions that may be throbbing at their hearts. Our environment is highly disciplined with school rules and regulations to tame every unwanted behavior.

Moving forward to higher classes it is our expectation to enroll our students in globally recognized exams. We are working on being eligible for such.

Specially designed  subjects at the High School level include but aren`t limited to the following:

  • 60 seconds of grit(Math drill advanced)
  • Creative writing advanced
  • Word Bout
  • Basic leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Etiquette and Public Speaking
  • Coding
  • Graphics design
  • Piano play
  • Critical thinking classes