School fees policy: As a school that is emotionally intelligent, we have come up with a fee policy to meet the economic status of every kind of parent.
We advise 100% paid before resumption but in the event this is not possible, then a 60% payment on resumption is allowed with the left over 40% coming right on or before midterm.
No–home–lesson policy: At our organization, we dare say we take full responsibility; we don’t need any assistance from external teachers. We have competent staff and a compulsory school lesson program to accommodate any shortcoming in every child. We uphold a no-home-lesson policy because we don’t want inconsistency in teaching methods and procedures.
Play policy: Children learn when they play, and play when they learn. We uphold a functional play policy. So our kids are allowed sufficient amount of play time during our ‘fun Friday’.Alot of the virtues needed for life are developed during play. For instance role play, team work, creativity, delegation and a host of others.
Assignment policy: We give the amount of assignment needed to every child based on the assignment timetable. We’d rather assignments are returned or attempted than adults do them. This will not be tolerated! All books going home are expected to return in good condition too.

No-text-book policy: this policy was formulated after one of our initial PTi meetings. We resolved that only the core subjects will have texts. This is because subject books tend to form a huge menace after the session and in many cases, these texts are rarely read the kids, so, we’d rather we taught repeatedly and impactfully than litter kids with texts. This policy equally thrives on the wings of our e-program which includes visual-based learning, audio–learning and the VLE virtual learning environment).To this end also, kids are only burdened with very necessary notes for memory exercise and handwriting enhancement.